We have put together a state of the art lab to ensure that all of our ciders are crisp, clean, and bright. Our ciders are innovative and in addition to all time favorites, we produce several seasonal varieties and one-off selections to keep our customers wondering, "what is Elemental going to do next!"


Each of our hand-crafted ciders are made from only the finest Northwest apples and cold-fermented to preserve the fruit. Our ciders are reminiscent of champagne, they are Cross-Flow filtered and mildly effervescent for clean taste. Experience our quality for yourself. 

Gluten-Free & Vegan

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the science of hard cider, perfected!


Family owned

Brian and Christina Callahan launched Elemental Hard Cider to bring quality, affordable, and delicious hard cider to the world. We strive to bring fun and exciting flavors to the experienced cider enthusiast, as well as novice cider drinkers.